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Brian Gongol

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Please note: These show notes may be in various stages of completion -- ranging from brainstormed notes through to well-polished monologues. Please excuse anything that may seem rough around the edges, as it may only be a first draft of a thought and not be fully representative of what was said on the air.

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BUT FIRST: The opening essay

Segment 2: (8 min)

Emily Barske, news editor of the Marshalltown Times-Republican

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Smart speakers

Segment 3: (14 min)

"The Price of Greatness"

Author Jay Cost -- @jaycosttws

Segment 4: (5 min)

"The Price of Greatness"

Author Jay Cost -- @jaycosttws

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Smart speakers

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Quote of the Week

"The worth of a State, in the long run, is the worth of the individuals composing it..." - John Stuart Mill

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This week

By the numbers

Make money

Have fun

Clean up after yourself

Mind your business

The week in technology

Your role in cyberwar

Iowa news

Contrary to popular opinion

Hyperbole is going to kill us all

21st Century conservatism

Curiosity, competence, and humility

Have a little empathy

Inbox zero

Stop the deliberate ignorance

Tin Foil Hat Award

Yay Capitalism Prize

Capitalist solution of the week

Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day


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