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Breaking news to watch

Segment 1: (11 min)

BUT FIRST: The opening essay

Threats and Hazards 49 people murdered in New Zealand terrorist attack

It's terrorism, period.

Threats and Hazards "Do not share the video or you are part of this"

A former FBI agent strongly discourages anyone engaging with or amplifying the videos that appear to have been taken by the terrorists in Christchurch. It would be more reassuring if the social media services (like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube) would behave more transparently in reporting basic facts, like when they took down pages related to the suspects. And there appears to be a manifesto that may be deliberately misleading or vague. Cyberspace is a very real battleground.

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Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day

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Segment 3: (14 min)

Iowa news

Joyce Flynn, Director of Iowa Department of Homeland Security and Emergency Management

At the State Emergency Operations Command

Lucinda Parker (PIO) will call

Segment 4: (5 min)

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Segment 5: (11 min)

Technology Three

Aviation News Why the Boeing 737 Max's problems may have been 50 years in the making

Legacy design idiosyncracies may have led to the two recent crashes

Threats and Hazards Connections alone aren't by definition good

There's an embedded logical flaw when Mark Zuckerberg concludes with a phrase like "bring the world closer together." The problem is that the connection *itself* isn't necessarily a good thing, as made plain in the last couple of years. The kinds of people who do the connecting also matter a great deal -- witness the apparent contribution of Internet message boards to the radicalization of the terrorists who just shot up parts of Christchurch, New Zealand. It's not just a Facebook problem, either -- the entire culture of Reddit, for example, serves to undergird the conditions that connect people to others, often in really unsavory ways.

Computers and the Internet The Internet is now old enough for one-time teen hackers to be Presidential candidates

Beto O'Rourke earns an unusual spot in electoral history

The moral of the story: Technological literacy has never been more important, and we need it among regulators and legislators alike. The 737 case shows the risks of letting layers of technology build up without taking a fresh look once in a while. The Zuckerberg story illustrates just how wide-reaching tech consequences can be. And the O'Rourke story highlights just how rare it is for anyone in national politics to even claim to be technologically literate.

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Justin Brady: (4p-6p) Why Medicaid shouldn't pay for gender reassignment surgery

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Segment 1: Burdens are meant to be carried together. That's the lesson we should take away from the Christchurch terrorist attacks: If you're going to lump people together into identity labels and groups, you'd better be doing it in order to share a difficult burden, not to scapegoat.

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Segment 2: Pick your holiday -- St. Patrick's Day, Halloween, Labor Day, or Arbor Day?

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Segment 3: Parents who cheat their kids' way into college create a special class of failures.

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Segments 4 and 5: You can't pick your parents, but you can pick your heroes -- your intellectual and ethical ancestors. And you should. (And if one of them is Stan Lee, then more power to you.)

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Segment 6: The Technology Three: Dangers aboard the 737 may be left over from 50 years ago, Mark Zuckerberg *still* doesn't get it, and the Internet is now old enough for teenaged hackers to have grown up to run for President.

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Segment 7: Land values in Iowa are slipping, and trade wars are to blame.

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Segment 8: A live update on flooding from Joyce Flinn, director of Iowa Homeland Security and Emergency Management.

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