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Science Center / Apollo 50 - Emilee Richardson - Science Center of Iowa

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Citizen Water Academy - Laura Sarcone - DMWW

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"Your competitors will keep learning, so you have to go to bed smarter than you woke up." - Charlie Munger

"It is up to us. History is not made by abstract forces, or classes. It is made by people. If we have the moral courage to say what we believe to be true, right and good, the people will be with us." - Keith Joseph

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Listen to the full episode from August 3, 2019 here

A classic small-town gas station has been turned into a modern-day veterinarian's office. It takes a lot of work to salvage old buildings for contemporary use. In this age when the President takes pot-shots at individual American cities, it's worthwhile for us to spend more time exchanging notes on how to keep our towns healthy and well-maintained than on cheap insults.

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Which was the worst day of summer when you were a kid?

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The Moon landing 50 years ago wouldn't have happened without Iowans. Emilee Richardson of the Science Center of Iowa has the details -- including upcoming events in commemoration of the anniversary. A special screening of "Live from the Moon" is coming upon August 13th.

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Capital One reports on a cybersecurity breach with a most unusual declaration

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⑤ and ⑥ Copyrights, wrongs, and balances: Josh Lamel of the Re:Create Coalition offers the case for "balanced copyright" -- so content creators can get protection, but the rest of us can be free to use what we discover

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Get the inside track on what's in your water from the Des Moines Water Works Citizen Water Academy. Laura Sarcone has the details.

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Should the government really have the power to limit your time on Facebook? The SMART Act contains some really dumb provisions.

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