Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - October 12, 2019

Brian Gongol

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Segment 1:

BUT FIRST: Why a conservative would want to axe the Tomahawk Chop

Segment 2:

Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day: How much pumpkin is enough?

Segment 3:

Have fun

Seeing Phil Collins in Omaha: He's Still Not Dead Yet!

Make money

Wet conditions are just not giving any relief to Iowa farmers, nor are bad trade policies

Segment 4:

Clean up after yourself

The deficit is now growing by a trillion dollars a year. That's $3,000 per person, per year, in new debt alone. We cannot pretend like that's not a problem.

Segment 5:

More on the deficit. A listener argues that the deficit problem is even worse when it's measured by the number of working (and, thus mainly tax-paying) adults: A figure that has been pretty stable at about 63% of people over the age of 16 since 2014.

Segment 6:

Hot (social) topics

World-record marathon time: Eliud Kipchoge just ran a marathon in less than two hours

The incredible Simone Biles does things that nobody else on Earth can do. She's a supernatural talent:

Segment 7:

Technology Three | The week in technology

People talk a lot about robots coming to take our jobs, but this might be in a class all by itself:

Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign is trying a new tactic: Using Facebook's rules against itself. It's like technological judo. But there's an important truth to behold here: If Facebook isn't going to be clear about what behavior (and truths) are applicable on its platform, then we ought to have stronger warnings attached to it.

Facebook's "Libra" digital currency project just took a big hit as several prospective big-name partners walked away, including Visa and MasterCard.

Segment 8:

21st Century conservatism

We need money and economic growth to fund worthwhile things. But money isn't the most important thing; it's a thing we use to serve higher values. Abandoning the Kurds over money -- or anything that even carries a whiff of that motivation -- is an urgent problem for us.


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