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Technology Three | The week in technology


Twitter pulls the plug on political advertising

Computers and the Internet Twitter announces end to political advertising

The small cadre of politicians who are known to tweet for themselves (e.g. Senators Cory Booker, Ben Sasse, and Chuck Grassley) are about to become gurus to their colleagues. The word "authenticity" is vastly overused, but first-person content becomes much more important if your reach is limited to those who find and follow you organically alone.


Science and Technology An affordable change

A UN group says it would cost $300 billion to pause global warming for 20 years by implementing a soil-restoration program to capture carbon in biomass. If true, that would be $39.47 per person alive on the planet right now. If you could get assurance that the plan (a) would work as advertised, and (b) would be implemented by people who were accountable for getting results, it would be well worth the price.


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A $23 trillion Federal debt: It's all yours!

That's rounding error away from $70,000 per person. Try hard to make that number make sense.

Iowa news

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Warren Unveils Long-Awaited 'Medicare For All' Plan

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has finally unveiled her 'Medicare For All' plan, including how she plans to pay for the $52 trillion program.

Warren's campaign says her plan does not include a middle class tax hike, something fellow 2020 hopeful Bernie Sanders admits will be part of his proposal. Instead, costs will be absorbed by private sector employers and state and federal government.

Warren says better efficiency will make Medicare for All cheaper over time for employers and the government, while individual payments will drop to "practically zero".

Authorities Seize Enough Fentanyl 'to Kill the Entire Population of Ohio'

Ohio authorities on Wednesday announced a major drug bust that included the seizure of more than 40 pounds of fentanyl -- which prosecutors say is "more than enough to kill the entire population of Ohio."

Also found in the multi-agency raid were 1500 grams of methamphetamine, 500 grams of heroin, three illegal firearms and more than $30,000 in cash, according to the Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office. Three suspects -- Shamar Davis, 31, Anthony Franklin, 30, and Grady Jackson, 37 -- were taken into custody and each charged with a number of crimes, including intent to distribute 400 or more grams of fentanyl, officials say.

"The quantity of fentanyl in this case amounts to chemical warfare and a weapon of mass destruction," says Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost.

Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot to Create World's Fourth-Largest Carmaker

In a massive deal that could equal 8.7 million vehicle sales alone, Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot announced Thursday morning that they intend to merge, making the merged company the fourth-largest carmaker in the world.

The deal would be split 50/50 with experts sharing that the merger could be worth $50 billion. In a statement, both carmakers said by joining together they can "foster innovation and meet the challenges of the auto industry with speed and capital efficiency."

City Won't Pay Up After Blowing Up House During Standoff With Shoplifter

A Colorado man is out of luck after police destroyed his house during a confrontation with an armed shoplifter.

In 2015, police fired rockets into the home of Leo Lech during a 19-hour standoff with an armed man who hid in the house after he was caught shoplifting from a nearby Walmart. Even though Lech's family had nothing to do with the crime or the shoplifter, the city refused to pay more than $5,000 for the damage caused.

Now a federal appeals court has ruled that the city doesn't owe Lech anything more, arguing that police were enforcing the law and that the incident does not constitute a government seizure of property.

Lech told the Washington Post, "It just goes to show that they can blow up your house, throw you out on the streets and say 'See you later. deal with it."

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Iowa news: "Liberty and Justice" Celebration

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Jon Haggerty | R Street Institute | The Conservative Case Against Trump's Immigration Policies

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