Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - December 19, 2019

Brian Gongol

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Breaking news to watch

Segment 1:

9:15 am - Simon Owen of Fox News Radio

"Pope removes shroud of secrecy from clergy sex abuse cases"

Segment 2:

9:25 am - Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio

Preview of Democratic Presidential debate

Segment 3:

Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day

Segment 4:

Caller suggestion: Instead of giving gifts among adults, our family pools some cash and gives it either to someone in need or to a family member who could use some help

Segments 5 and 6:

Obstructing Congress is a really big deal | Casey Burgat | R Street Institute

Segment 7:

Listener reactions on impeachment

Segment 8:

Iowa news: Hayden Fry

Hayden Fry summary

Emery Songer of KXNO in-studio to discuss

Unsorted and leftovers:


Programming notes

7pm-8pm: Hawkeye Pregame
8pm-11pm: Iowa MBB vs. Cincinnati (in Chicago)

Live read: Contests

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Live read: Blood drive

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Listen to the full episode from December 19, 2019 here

Simon Owen of Fox News Radio on the repeal of Papal secrecy rules on child abusers in the Catholic Church

Tonya J. Powers of Fox News Radio on the Democratic Presidential debate

Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day: Do you buy gifts off your significant other's Christmas list, or is that not creative enough?

An alternative to giving Christmas gifts: Pooling cash for a family member (or a stranger) in need

⑤ and ⑥ Casey Burgat of the R Street Institute - Why aren't more conservatives mad about the President thumbing his nose at Congressional subpoenas? Say what you will about the Ukraine affair, but the impeachment charges surrounding obstruction of Congress are a big deal, no matter what your party

Listen to segment 5

Listener reactions on impeachment

Emery Songer of KXNO-AM on the passing of legendary Iowa Hawkeye football coach Hayden Fry