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Notes from the episode that aired on December 28, 2019

Listen to the full episode from December 28, 2019 here

Segment 1 | Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day: Which caffeine-delivery device is your favorite? And check out what's happening with the weather in the Twin Cities.

Segment 2 | The President tweeted this morning that "California and New York must do something about their TREMENDOUS Homeless problems". Here's the problem: "tremendous homeless problems" sounds like something you clean out with a street sweeper or a bulldozer. Every person who is homeless is a person in some form of need, and it's the job of every community to look at what's causing the need. The answers aren't simple -- and the need is very real, even here in Polk County, where the authoritative study on the subject found that:

Polk County will need to add 57,170 net new housing units between 2018 and 2038 to accommodate net new workers in the region.

We need to look at the real problems, the real causes of housing shortages, and what can really be done on a local level to resolve what is a problem for people first -- not just something to be played for political scores. Housing is a community-level issue that deserves much better than simplistic posturing. Let's get excited about new technologies and challenge ourselves to find new community-level answers.

Segment 3 | Look out for a giant winter storm to our north, northwest, and west -- Iowa should mostly escape the worst of it, but it's likely to be a whopper for our Midwestern neighbors.