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Notes from the episode that aired on January 11, 2020
🎧 Listen to the full episode from January 11, 2020 here 🎧

Segments 1 and 2 | With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle trying to escape the Royal Family, a question for us Americans: While it's good we don't have a hereditary head of state (like the Queen), why shouldn't we have a Citizen of the Year or something similar to fulfill the ceremonial roles for the country that aren't really suitable to a highly contentious political office?

Segment 3 | Totally Unnecessary Debate of the Day: How often do you floss, really? It's one of those things in life that only you can do for yourself, and only you really it reveals a lot about a person's self-discipline.

Segment 4 | What might go better if we had an elected -- but purely ceremonial -- head of state? And should we pair that with retiring the direct election of Senators and opening a third house of Congress, to which adults might find themselves drafted? Listeners react to the Citizen of the Year idea with some energy.

Segment 5 | Technology Three: Yahoo Groups sails off into the sunset, Facebook still won't do anything about terrible political ads, and Bellingcat is doing a tremendous public service for the world of open-source intelligence analysis.

Segment 6 | Upcoming events on and off the air

Segment 7 | It's not a situation of black helicopters, but the rash of late-night drone sightings in Nebraska really deserves an explanation. Drones (and other high tech) can do a great deal of good for people -- like helping predict last night's huge severe-weather outbreak with very high precision, well over 24 hours in advance. But technology also enables things like North Korea's missile program -- which is effective enough that South Korea is basically putting a Patriot missile system on their equivalent of the White House lawn.

Segment 8 | If there's one characteristic that I think describes Iowans, it's a commitment to fair play. Whether it's the traffic jam at a four-way stop where everyone insists on letting someone else go first, the work done for generations to literally level the playing field for small schools in high-school football and basketball, or the way everyone holds the door for everyone else, everything about Iowa behavior screams "fairness first". I hope we can take that attitude into the caucuses in a few weeks, as well as into local discussions like whether to permit a new shelter for women and children who have no place to live. We're a fair people: Let's live up to the earned reputation.