Sports: 2013 - Week 24
Brian Gongol


Ned Yost, Manager of the red hot Kansas City @royals, is live now on #PowerAlley with @jim_duquette and @mikeferrinsxm

— MLB Network Radio (@MLBNetworkRadio) June 11, 2013
"Red-hot Royals"? Well, they're on a hot streak over the last few days, but "red-hot" might be an overstatement for a team that's under .500.

Strange choice by Ian Stewart to vent openly on Twitter about thinking he's not liked by Cubs management and musing about ways to get playing elsewhere. We get it; you're disappointed that you're not starting in the majors right now. But as you openly admit, $2 million to play AAA baseball isn't worth quitting. Just shut up for a while, be a team player, and even if you're not called up to Chicago, people will see that you're the right guy to have around. Nobody likes a guy who complains about his job on Facebook or Twitter -- especially prospective employers. Who wants a guy around who retweets comments that he's the victim of "terrible leadership"? Cubs fans may recall an old outfielder named Milton Bradley, whose attitude was so toxic that the team let him go after a year. Word to the wise: Don't be Milton Bradley. The resulting suspension without pay is no shock.

You could have done a lot of things on Wednesday night in the time it took the Blackhawks to beat the Bruins 4-3 in triple overtime. Getting beaten in overtime on Saturday, 2-1, had to have been disappointing...and exhausting. Now they have to hold their own in Boston as the series moves there for two games this week.

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