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Bad soap dispenser. Bad!

Clearly, someone failed to think through the position of this soap dispenser. People have already adapted to the bad design by placing paper towels below the dispenser to catch the dribbles, but whomever designed it in the first place should have anticipated that it would cause a mess that couldn't be easily cleaned -- especially considering the lip around the sink is too high for an easy wipe of the counter.

Even without the problem that the soap dispenser is going to perpetually dribble straight onto the counter (rather than into the sink, where it should have gone), there's also the problem that it's too low for anyone with large hands to slide under, and the dispensing nozzle is only an inch away from the bump-out created by the faux granite backsplash. So, every time someone reaches in to get soap to make their hands clean, they're inevitably going to touch either the counter or the backsplash that lots of other people with dirty hands have already touched when they went for their own soap. That backsplash is undoubtedly a little hotspot for bacteria, no matter how good the soap is.

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