Gongol.com Archives: May 2007
Brian Gongol

May 11, 2007

Graphics Graphic of the day: Change of Perspective

Water News Gorman-Rupp has a record first quarter

Computers and the Internet TeacherTube: Turning the YouTube concept into an educational tool

Business and Finance Buffett still believes (rightly) in index funds for most investors
The recommendation to patiently invest in index funds is some of the best advice a new investor could get. Someone ought to share similar advice about not wasting the taxpayers' money with elected officials everywhere. Related: Economics "is frustratingly bad at taking a particular place at a particular time -- whether it's the Detroit region or the nation of Chad -- and offering a prescriptive set of specific steps for growth and prosperity."

News Are you listening to a fraudulent band?
The "Vocal Group Hall of Fame Foundation" is pushing for legislation that would prevent "imposter" bands from pretending like they're the real bands whose music they're playing. Why this should be occupying legistlators' time right now is as inexplicable as the appeal of shag carpeting. If someone's breaking copyright laws or violating a trademark, then bust them using the laws already on the books. If not, then what's the point of legislation?

Computers and the Internet One in ten pages on the Internet is booby-trapped
Google researchers say that of 4.5 million pages they analyzed in a sample, a huge share either contained malicious code or subjected the visitor to drive-by downloads. Run your computer on a limited-access account and avoid using Internet Explorer for two of the cheapest and most effective ways to avoid those nasty sites.

Humor and Good News Job hazards of working as a beer tester

Broadcasting Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta didn't always spell the alphabet
It used to be "Able - Boy - Cast - Dog" and so forth

Broadcasting Promo for this week's "WHO Radio Wise Guys"
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