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Brian Gongol

September 30, 2007

Broadcasting Notes from "The Brian Gongol Show" - September 30, 2007

News Iran says it'll help the US leave Iraq, but won't cooperate if it stays

Weather and Disasters Volcanic island in Red Sea goes up in flames
A NATO fleet was passing by and is assisting with search and rescue

The United States of America Bloomberg insists he's definitely not running for President
Newt Gingrich says he's not running, either

Business and Finance NetBank goes belly-up; ING takes over
And in a reminder of what a strange world we're living in, while Internet banks are failing in America, some places in the world are just getting electricity. It's largely a matter of government.

Broadcasting Atlanta Braves end their 30-year run on TBS

Health Five steps to a 10% reduction in breast cancer
Less long-term hormone-replacement therapy, less obesity, more exercise, less alcohol, and more breastfeeding

Socialism Doesn't Work Chinese premier promises more democracy
The Communist party congress is two weeks away. It's hard to believe that "following the path of building socialism with distinctive Chinese features and reform and opening-up" is really the plan.

Business and Finance Defense Department institutes limits on loans to servicemembers
"The first defense here ... is good education for our people so they understand better how to manage their finances wisely, so they don't get themselves in trouble and so they don't come up short at the end of the month or the end of the pay period." It's a sign Americans need better financial education.

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