Gongol.com Archives: November 2007
Brian Gongol

November 5, 2007

Water News Vetoed water bill included six big Nebraska projects

Weather and Disasters Floods in southern Mexico trap 300,000 people

Iowa Wind turbine heights compared with Iowa's state capitol building

Science and Technology US Transportation Secretary floats hypothesis on I-35W bridge collapse
And is promptly asked by the NTSB to shut up. A deliberate approach to identifying the cause of the collapse is certainly in everyone's best interests, but couldn't they perhaps set a quicker timeline for issuing their findings?

Humor and Good News You can't go anywhere without hearing James Brown
List of well over 100 samples of James Brown's "Funky Drummer"

Broadcasting Notes from today's afternoon drive on WHO Radio

Humor and Good News If smoking is banned everywhere, will people buy tobacco-scented candles?

News "Art" student wants terrorism charges dropped

Health Effects of Alzheimer's may show up as early as age 7

Iowa Elections in Quad Cities get dirty

News It's Guy Fawkes Day
A date none of us non-subjects here in the States would know about were it not for the film V for Vendetta

Aviation News Space: The great escape
With Virgin Galactic promising commercial flight to space by 2009, the British government has figured out that they'll need to revise the law so that they can regulate things like space pollution -- and the behavior of ordinary people in space. The world keeps changing faster than most of us are capable of keeping up with.