Gongol.com Archives: August 2008
Brian Gongol

August 4, 2008

Water News Gorman-Rupp proves American manufacturing is alive and well

Science and Technology Deep, dark alleys don't have to be damp anymore
One of the biggest challenges to keeping a major city together is what to do with all the excess -- excess trash, excess noise and light, and excess stormwater. One of the means now being tested in Chicago is pervious concrete -- concrete that lets the water through. This kind of approach to paving alleys and parking lots could help reduce the need for colossal projects like the Deep Tunnel, which are mind-bogglingly complex and expensive.

Computers and the Internet Estimate: 75% of crooked websites didn't start out that way
It's probably a lot easier for most crooks to find ways to break into legitimate websites and infect them with rotten stuff than it is to build sites from scratch that then incentivize people to visit. That being the case, people need to realize that even "trusted" websites can sometimes become untrustworthy; thus, basic security practices like using a limited-access account whenever possible ought to be the norm.

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