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Brian Gongol

April 22, 2009

Computers and the Internet Researchers discover botnet with 2,000,000 infected computers
Computers on US government networks were included. People have to learn sooner rather than later: Run Windows computers on limited-access accounts. Use antivirus software (it's available free via Google Pack for those who refuse to ante up with real money). Browse the Internet using something other than the predominant Web browser of the day (which is still Microsoft Internet Explorer, as it has been for years). Check e-mail from a webmail account (like Gmail or Yahoo) instead of downloading it directly to the computer. Related: McAfee estimates that spam wastes the equivalent of 2.1 million US households' electricity use each year.

Broadcasting Do business managers simply not understand the point of goodwill?
Goodwill, in accounting terms, is a line item for the relative value of a company's good name -- the brand. And it's important: If an investor were offered shares in two identical companies, one named Honda and the other named Adnoh, the one named Honda would be worth more simply because it's a known and recognized name. So what in the world causes business managers to be so stupid that they'd drop legendary and universally-recognized names like ABC Radio after paying big bucks to get them in the first place? It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever. ABC has been a recognized name in the radio business since 1943, when it was split off from NBC. ABC merged its radio organization with Citadel Broadcasting in 2006. Flushing 66 years of brand recognition down the toilet can hardly be a sign of anything but clinical insanity at the top. Shareholders who have just lost all of the goodwill value for which they paid ought to be irate. People -- customers and employees alike -- care about their brands. That's why the Internet contains sites dedicated to old windmill companies and Ma Bell. Destroying the value of those brands, rather than enhancing them and curating them, is the trademark of a business manager who doesn't understand the value of an institution.

News Crook steals almost 20% of all DC parking-meter revenues for a year

Water News Water well permits become a rarer commodity

Broadcasting Podcast: What Iowa should learn from Las Vegas
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Broadcasting Podcast: The future is pretty bright for Bill Gates
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