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Brian Gongol

September 17, 2009

Threats and Hazards US abandons plans for missile-defense program with Poland and Czech Republic
It's probably a concession to Russia, but it sends a terrible message to allies and potential allies, like Poland and the Czech Republic. The plans to add missile-defense capacity to those countries offered a strong signal that the US placed a premium on their protection. President Obama's decision to renege on those plans telegraphs the message that bullying by others can cause us to back down and leave our allies exposed. There is good reason to install missile-defense equipment to protect against threats from Iran and other parts of the Middle East.

The American Way Choco Pies: Tool of capitalism
The Kaesong Industrial Complex is a joint North/South Korea collaboration, where South Korean businesses have made some inroads towards making friendly with North Korean workers. One of the tools they have used to encourage worker morale is the Choco Pie, made of chocolate-covered cookies sandwiching a marshmallow filling. Apparently, the Choco Pie was considered contraband by North Korean authorities, but they're starting to turn a blind eye to having a few smuggled out of the plants. The incomprehensibility of a state so obsessed with control over its citizens' lives that it prohibits them from eating dessert snacks outside approved boundaries is both staggering and heartbreaking.

Business and Finance Fortune Magazine interviews Warren Buffett
(Video) He seems to be pretty patient about economic recovery. Left un-discussed is his plan for business succession, which given the amount of joy he sincerely appears to take from his work, is likely a matter he doesn't care to dwell upon. But there are some very strong candidates within the Berkshire Hathaway family of companies who will be able to keep the company growing even after Buffett is gone.

Business and Finance Things to look for in a home inspection
Professional home inspections are often required by mortgage companies, but that doesn't mean they look for everything that could create headaches for a new home buyer. Considering the size of the investment, most people will probably want to check more carefully than the home inspector might.

Humor and Good News You never get a second chance to make a first impression

Computers and the Internet New algorithms create three-dimensional models from lots of assorted photographs
The team doing the work cleverly uses landmarks in Rome, a much-photographed city, and claims to be able to build a 3-D model in less than 24 hours -- which allows for a lot of "Rome built in a day" references

Agriculture Eulogizing Norman Borlaug

Humor and Good News Tell us, Future Man, what will life be like?

Water News EPA recommendations for operating water and wastewater plants in case of pandemic flu

Broadcasting Podcast: Why doesn't Congress archive its members' websites logically?

Broadcasting Podcast: Troubles with the iPhone at AT&T

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