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Brian Gongol

April 19, 2014

Broadcasting Show notes for the WHO Radio Wise Guys - April 19, 2014
Live on WHO Radio at 1:00 Central

Threats and Hazards Senate report says the CIA went way beyond the pale with use of torture, and that it didn't work
The report remains classified, so the fact we're hearing about it means there was a leak. And that outrages Senator Dianne Feinstein. Not the content of the still-classified report; the leak is what makes her angry.

Business and Finance April is Iowa's Financial Literacy Awareness Month

Computers and the Internet Crooks used Heartbleed to hack at least two big sites
A UK site called "Mumsnet" and the Canada Revenue Agency both got hit

Humor and Good News "Star Wars" posters in a vintage WWII style
Others have tried travel posters in the same vein, too.

The United States of America Domino's thinks you look a little gaunt
There's no other reason for launching a pizza with a "crust" made of breaded chicken

News State Department puts Keystone XL on ice until at least November
Whether the pipeline is ultimately approved or not, this has the distinct odor of a politically-corrupted process

Broadcasting Sign of the times: Television weather forecaster hasn't heard of Huey Lewis and the News

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