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Brian Gongol

Van and Bonnie will be broadcasting live from the new Des Moines Public Library on Monday. We invited Jan Kaiser, the library's marketing coordinator, to talk about the new building and the excitement the new building (designed by David Chipperfield) is bringing to the institution.

In the news:

Apple has announced the public beta test of Boot Camp, which allows Mac users to install a native version of Windows XP. Has Steve Jobs lost his mind, or is this a stroke of genius? Apple won't support the software, but they're putting it out there for people to try. The discussion also led to a sideline about how AMD claims that Intel monopolizes the chip industry.

How to get an alternative browser. And get lots of other free programs to control spyware, replace Windows Office, and create graphics.

Don't forget to update your Windows computers on Patch Tuesday. If you've followed our advice to run your computer on a limited-access account, be sure to login as an administrator before downloading the patches.

We'll have to talk about SpyAxe next week -- it looks like it's spyware masquerading as an anti-spyware program.  Very dangerous. We recommend using Spybot Search and Destroy to control and defeat spyware.

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