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Following up on the call we received last week: SpyAxe has been identified as "badware" by industry group The group is funded by Google, Sun, and others. The main complaint is that SpyAxe doesn't disclose that it'll hit you up for money every time you start your computer.

One reliable method for avoiding these hassles is to make sure you're running your Windows computer on a limited-access account. Get step-by-step instructions for setting one up and follow them today, if you haven't already.

Ross's Useless Information: Patently Silly, where ridiculous claims of intellectual property go to die.

Dan's Rant: If you're in desperate need of attention and approval, and you have $400 a month to blow, we offer two choices: You can sign up for a wildly overpriced e-mail service, or you could probably call WHO Radio and sponsor a weekly segment in which the Wise Guys will talk about how wonderful you are. It's up to you.

Brian's Security Update: Microsoft users need to get the latest Windows Update, and Firefox users need to get the new Firefox update.

Here's a great sign for health care: An Oklahoma scientist has figured out how to reverse cell division -- possibly a major step forward for fighting cancer.

The enemy of your enemy still isn't your friend: Even terrorists are worried about spyware.

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