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Brian Gongol

Here's a surprising piece of news: The release of Windows Vista could be delayed by a lawsuit from the makers of Norton Antivirus. As if Microsoft weren't fully capable of delaying Vista plenty on its own. In case you want to prepare early, Microsoft has a compatibility site you can check, but don't get too eager: Vista is still probably more than a year away, even in the best-case scenario.

In case of pandemic flu, keep the kids home from school. One computer model suggests that could cut down the peak infection level by 40%. Whether you're worried about bird flu or not, it's a good idea to make sure you know what your employer's plans for business continuity are. Pandemic flu isn't the only potential disaster that could shut businesses down. Even a fire or tornado could wipe out the company that signs your paychecks.

Thunderbird users may want to see the list of Thunderbird-compatible anti-virus programs to find out which ones will "play nice" and which ones won't. Users of AVG Anti-Virus will need to make some configuration changes.

Useless information: Too much TV can lead to typography. And Apple may be planning an iPhone.

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