The WHO Radio Wise Guys
Brian Gongol

Is there some kind of epidemic of Internet hunting going on? It's one of the issues the Iowa Legislature has been addressing this year.

Brian's Security Update for this week includes a good sign: The Spam Index hasn't been this low since mid-February.

Here's advice on how to retrieve photos from a Motorola Razr for Mac users. We can't guarantee it'll work (it's not our advice), but we don't have any better ideas.

Here are Brian's tips on how to use Gmail filters to control spam. You can get Gmail without an invitation.

Insane uses of the Internet: Selling blenders. Possibly more insane: Taking the time to debunk the blender-sellers.

Good news for music-lovers: Some iTunes music will now be DRM-free. Steve Jobs has claimed for a while that he's been in favor of the change.

If you're looking for just about anything, you can always try Craigslist.

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