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No more "cheese-eating surrender monkey" jokes: The French have just elected a pro-business, pro-American president.

The Presidential debate season has already begun, and so far it's profoundly disappointing. We're getting a lot of hot air and not a lot of actual thought about what could be done to make America better. It's hard not to wonder from time to time if we wouldn't be better off with ultra-short election cycles, like the one they have in Ireland: The elections there are scheduled for May 24th, but were only announced on April 29th. Imagine having a Presidential election from start to finish in just five weeks.

Johnny Cash was only kidding in his song "One Piece at a Time": You can't really get away with it if you try to steal a big-ticket item piece-by-piece.

Why are we so bad about thinking immigration is just about people sneaking across the border and not realizing the huge benefits that high-skill immigrants could be bringing to the country?

We didn't get a chance to talk about it today, but the government's stupid proposed cuts at the VOA are still on my nerves.

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