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Yahoo says it's giving away unlimited storage on its mail accounts. Brian's complaint with Yahoo is that their mail service isn't as good at filtering out spam as Google's Gmail service. A hint for those hoping to control their incoming spam: Use this filtering trick to sort out the worst spammers.

Brian took a few photos of the flooding at Missouri Valley last weekend. Thanks to the photo-sharing site Flickr, you can see them. Speaking of sharing, you might enjoy, where people share their takes on randomly-selected words like "citrus". Brian usually participates in an effort to exercise the right-hand side of his brain.

Microsoft just spent $6 billion to buy an online advertising firm. They're trying to challenge Google's dominance of the online advertising universe. That $6 billion figure, by the way, is larger than the annual operating budget of the National Science Foundation. shows a ride on the worst roller coaster on the planet.

If you're using those compact fluorescent bulbs, be aware that if you drop and break one, the bulb contains mercury and you'll need to take some special precautions to clean it up.

Speaking of cleaning up, there's a push now for what's being called a "blogging code of conduct." Brian's of the mindset that if you're a jerk online, you're probably a jerk in real life.

We have three different ways for you to generate nonsense: Apple's corporate nonsense generator, the Dilbert mission-statement generator, and the Lorem Ipsum generator.

And here's the Security Update.

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