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Brian Gongol

Internet fraud continues to evolve, with the Nigerian bank scam taking a nasty turn. You also need to be on the lookout for virus-infected PDF files. And while we're on the subject of security, don't open "greeting card" files. Most of them circulating right now are virus-infected spam.

It turns out that the expected shortage of Apple iPhones never materialized, but Nintendo says it's going to milk the Wii shortage for at least another six months.

Even if you don't use the iPhone, it's going to change the way you view the Web. Web design for small-screen browsers is a different monster than conventional Web design, because the screen sizes are so small. Dan's enthused about iPhone Dev Camp.

Researchers have set a new record for solar-cell efficiency. Perhaps it won't be long before we're adding solar cells to the sides of our homes and workplaces, converting all that wasted sunlight into useful energy.

Whether you're using Windows, Macintosh, or Linux, you'll need to get a security patch for the Flash player.

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