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Dan is one of many who are disappointed that bowling isn't an Olympic sport. Maybe they'll make room for Wii bowling by the London Games in 2012.

Did you know that tug-of-war was once an Olympic sport? We didn't either.

Apple is out with the next-generation iPhone (they're calling it the iPhone 3G, since it's designed to take advantage of 3G wireless networks. Lines were long, and it's still hard to figure out why anyone felt the need to get one right now, instead of just waiting a couple of days for the furor to die down.

Speaking of Apple, Fake Steve Jobs is retiring from his weblog. Fake Steve Jobs was a concoction of a Forbes technology columnist who's moving to Newsweek instead.

Back to the Olympics for a moment: The Chinese government claims it's broken up a bunch of terrorist attacks planned against the Games. Let it be noted here and now: China could break up in our lifetimes, and if and when that happens, the consequences will be extraordinary for all of us.

If you're using a Microsoft Zune for your MP3 player, Microsoft offers a support website.

Microsoft is going to offer a version of its Office software through an online subscription. The problem with that idea, of course, is that sometimes Internet access fails, and without that, your online software is useless. Google already offers a web-based office suite for free (Microsoft is going to charge about $70 a year), and we've long been fans of OpenOffice, which is a free office suite.

Internet Explorer has a serious security flaw due to its ActiveX extension. Most people ought to try to use an alternative browser, like Firefox.

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