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The war for dominance among the cable-news networks is taking a bizarre Star Wars-type turn: CNN will be conducting holographic interviews on election night...assuming all the technology works. Frankly, it sounds a little weird, since a hologram is only useful for seeing something in 3D, and none of our television sets will relay that anyway.

Most people have Adobe's Flash Player on their computers -- it's probably the best technology for viewing animation on the Internet -- and if you do, you'll want to get their recent security update which is designed to help prevent you from suffering from a clickjacking attack that could allow crooks to take over your webcam and do other nasty and creepy stuff. (Clickjacking, by the way, is when you think you're taken someplace you didn't expect when you click on a link...or when you unintentionally click on a bad link. It can be done in several ways, which only reiterates the importance of taking precautionary steps like staying on websites you trust and running your Windows computer in a limited-access account.)

Google is going to shell out $125 million in order to end disputes over the rights to digitize lots and lots of books for their book search. Honestly, the agreement sounds like a fantastically cheap deal for Google.

Microsoft has been releasing some out-of-normal-schedule updates for Windows, so if you have a Windows-based machine, you'll want to shut it down completely and restart it two or three times over the weekend, just to make sure you get all of the updates fully installed. That assumes, of course, that you're set up to get automatic updates (which you should be). Crooks are already trying to attack users who haven't installed the updates, so get yourself protected.

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