Brian Gongol Show on WHO Radio - November 22, 2009

Brian Gongol

Samuel L. Jackson showed up in a crushed purple velvet suit at the American Music Awards. I could never be that cool. I do want to see him reprise his role from "Pulp Fiction" dressed like that.

New recommendations include backing off the frequency of cervical cancer screenings When an experience like a brush with cancer is personal to you, you really don't care that testing may be inefficient in the aggregate. You care whether your own life is saved. And we shouldn't reject testing on the basis that the treatment may be inefficient. We need to improve the treatment and keep up the testing. Knowledge is a powerful tool.

This country is $12 trillion in debt.

Thanksgiving food, shopping, and related thoughts: 20th anniversary of the Czech "Velvet Revolution"

The government claims to be transparent about "recovery" spending, but it's nonsense