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June 14, 2015

Business and Finance "Why I defaulted on my student loans"
A writer who is at least in his mid-50s and who has published five books thinks it isn't his job to pay his student loans. And he "is writing a memoir about money", according to his New York Times biography. This is not an individual who has anything constructive to add to the discussion about student loans. He's simply taking pride in his own irresponsibility.

Business and Finance Fiat Chrysler really, really wants another merger

Threats and Hazards A good example of the needless waste of human potential in American corrections

Business and Finance Marriott will launch Netflix access in 100 hotels by year-end
Hotel guests' tastes have changed; one wonders why this has taken so long

Business and Finance A collection of productivity tools

Socialism Doesn't Work Finland's economic situation -- not so grand
Those who have fallen all over themselves for a long time to praise the Nordic social economies might want to reconsider. There are certain specific circumstances under which a strongly socialized economy can be sustained, but when important elements go missing, the system falls apart.

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June 13, 2015

Business and Finance Some interesting insights on US household net worth

Socialism Doesn't Work Under authoritarianism, everyone's time runs out sooner or later
A former security chief is going to prison for the rest of his life. Never be surprised when there's a purge under an authoritarian regime.

News Are skyscraper architects just getting high together?
The silly-looking proposal for Two World Trade Center really begs the question whether skyscraper architects are even serious anymore

Computers and the Internet Twitter is eliminating its character limit on direct messages
They're going from 140 characters to 10,000 (which is effectively unlimited, for all intents and purposes). This positions them to potentially provide a sort of trusted alternative to email.

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June 12, 2015

Business and Finance Generation X gets the worst of things when it comes to money
Bad luck hasn't done much to help them

Threats and Hazards Someone needs to start thinking hard about what happens if ISIS/ISIL/QSIL/Daesh manages to permanentize as a state
No sensible person wants it to happen, but what's the roadmap to keep it from happening? Nobody seems to know, and that's a big problem. And what happens if they manage to make it permanent?

Agriculture A commercial-scale hydroponic garden is working in Omaha
Right in the middle of the Midwest, someone is working on a precursor to vertical farming. That might suggest that the future of vertical farming is much more likely than it may at first appear.

News China's military is growing
We don't have to be allies and we don't have to be rivals, but we shouldn't ignore where they're investing heavily

Business and Finance NBA and Nike: A $1 billion, 8-year deal
Adidas is walking away from its relationship with the league in 2017

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June 11, 2015

News 100,000 people have crossed the Mediterranean to escape Libya

Business and Finance Has the US really lost a decade's worth of economic growth?

Business and Finance Snoop Dogg sues Pabst
He claims breach of contract over the sale of the Colt 45 line

News Whatever happened to rotating restaurants on big hotels?

Weather and Disasters Satellite imagery showed the NWS that the Lake City tornado track was different from initial impressions

June 9, 2015

Weather and Disasters The oddities of May weather
It was the wettest May on record for a not-unsubstantial portion of the US

Business and Finance GE is speed-racing out of the financial-services market
Getting back to manufacturing, in part because of the pain caused to the company back in 2008/2009. But de-conglomeratizing isn't always a great idea. If your company is run by people who are really good at allocating capital, then it's highly efficient to be in lots of different businesses that have different economic cycles, so the capital-allocators can take advantage of good opportunities when they arise.

Computers and the Internet Is Apple Music the main "big deal" out of Apple's latest conference?
$10 a month to stream. Supposedly they'll have some channels that will be "curated" by people, rather than picked by algorithm.

June 8, 2015

Business and Finance Why it's unpleasant to be the most competent person in the office
Or, as the title of an Atlantic Monthly article puts it, "Being a go-getter is no fun".

The United States of America Free-trade agreements as a tool of American strength
Condoleezza Rice: "Free trade is no substitute for military strength or for giving voice to those who still seek liberty", but "trade is an essential element" of peace

Computers and the Internet Apple's announcements at developers conference

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