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Brian Gongol

Is there anyone the American people would rather send to jail than Paris Hilton? There are far worse criminals out there...but there just doesn't seem to be anything to like about a person who thinks she should be excused from prison time because she brings "beauty and excitement to most of our otherwise mundane lives." What a punk.

If it's true that one in ten websites is booby-trapped with drive-by downloads or spyware, then here's another reminder to you to use Firefox or Opera instead of Internet Explorer, and to do your web surfing from a limited-access account.

Do we really need laws for truth in tribute bands?

Ross just discovered StumbleUpon, which is a service that recommends sites similar to the ones you visit, and sites that people like you also tend to enjoy.

Microsoft may be looking to buy Yahoo. If that were to go through, you could see a rather quick up-ending of the Internet universe. Google seems unstoppable for now, but dominance never lasts forever.

Here's a sign of progress: The widespead use of thermal-imaging cameras by firefighters to save lives and find elusive hot spots. 20 years ago, these things were the stuff of science fiction -- certainly not the kind of thing your average suburban fire department would have on hand.

You probably have QuickTime on your computer...and it's time for a big update, whether you're a Windows user or a Mac user.

And don't forget this week's Security Update.

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